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You are at my door (metaphorically
anyway) with her voice in your
nail beds. I can see it as you reach
for my hand. I can see the mouth
you’ve been pushing your finger
into. You thought I would be okay
living in some box by the front
door; the glove you used to keep
the cold away while you waited for
someone to hold. No, no, I’m not
some hang-around, feel-good,
back-shelf token you can pull
out when you’re chilled. You’re
holding out your pinky-finger as
a promise we’ll be friends forever
but it’s been a long time since I
wanted to be your friend. I grab
your whole hand and shake it.
You can’t have us both.
- anne, when he moves on (via anneisrestless)


"This Charming Man" by The Smiths

I didn’t go to work for a month

I didn’t leave my bed for eight days straight

I haven’t hung out with anyone

and if I did I’d have nothing to say

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Reference Bessonov Nicolay - Fernando JFL.
this week’s horoscope


Aries - you are what it feels like when I eat pineapple and my lips are chapped. 
Taurus - you remind me of the time when i was seven and i was swimming on a beach in hawaii and the tide pulled me in a little too far and i thought the water was going to kill me but it pushed me back ashore. 
Gemini - i’m sorry that i laughed like crazy the first time you told me that you loved me. i blushed so hard that i had to turn on the ceiling fan. 
Cancer - you are the feeling of drinking cold water after eating ice cream. refreshing. 
Leo - the thought of seeing you after not seeing you for a long time reminds me of the elementary school excitement before a field trip. You are brown bagged lunches and school buses and the smell of hand sanitizer and I can’t wait for this to happen. 
Virgo - your temper reminds me of Arizona heat. most can’t stand it but i’ve been around it for 21 years. I won’t sweat. 
Libra - i love you like i love drinking Angry Orchard in Seattle.
Scorpio - if i ever saw you again, i would take off my glasses so I wouldn’t have to.
Sagittarius - you are the early morning and i’ve never been this sleepy in my life.
Capricorn - i won’t forget to water you.
Aquarius - you are the sound of fingers typing up an essay and it’s putting me to sleep but i love it because it’s my favorite sound.
Pisces - you are worth straining my neck and all of the calf raises i have to do in order to kiss you. 


barefoot | 2013 | 60 x 80 cm | by Karien Deroo | oil on canvas